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                • Corporate Information

                  1.Corporate Profile

                  Company’s legal Chinese name: 上海柴油機股份有限公司
                  Chinese abbreviation 上柴股份
                  Company’s legal English name Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
                  English abbreviation SDEC
                  Legal representative Mr. Lan Qingsong


                  Name Secretary to Board of Directors Wang Hongbin  Representative of Securities Affairs
                   Zhang Jiang
                  Address 2636 Jun Gong Road, Yang Pu 2636 Jun Gong Road, Yang Pu District, Shanghai District, Shanghai
                  Telephone (021) 60652288 (021) 60652207
                  Fax (021) 65749845 (021) 65749845
                  Email address sdecdsh@sdec.com.cn


                  Registered address 2636 Jun Gong Road, Yang Pu District, Shanghai
                  Zip code of registered address 200438
                  Offi ce address 2636 Jun Gong Road, Yang Pu District, Shanghai
                  Zip code of offi ce address 200438
                  Website www.pnashty.com
                  Email sdecdsh@sdec.com.cn

                  4.Information disclosure and the place for inspection

                  Appointed news papers for information disclosure Shanghai Securities News,
                  Hongkong Wen Wei Po
                  The website appointed by China Securities Regulatory Shanghai Stock Exchange - www.sse.com.cn
                  Committee for publication of annual report
                  The place for inspecting annual report The offi ce of Board Secretary

                  5.Stock Information

                  Category Stock Exchange Share Abbreviation Share Code
                  A share Shanghai Stock Exchange Shanghai Diesel 600841
                  B share Shanghai Stock Exchange Shanghai Diesel B 900920

                  6.The Changes of Registration during the Reporting Period

                  (1)Basic Information
                  There is no change of registration during the reporting period.
                  (2)Initial Registration’s Information
                  On 27 December 1993, the Companywas incorporated and the registration number of the Company’s business license was “Gong Shang Qi Gu Fen Hu Zi 00023”. The registered capital of the Companywas RMB329,424.4 thousand when the Company was founded. Please refer to the Basic Information in this report for the detailed information of the initial registration.
                  (3)The changes of main business since the Company became public
                  The main business hasn’t changed since the Company became public.
                  (4)The changes of Controlling Shareholder since the Company became public
                  The Company was incorporated on 27 December 1993 as approved by Shanghai Economic Committee and Shanghai Securities Management Office in Hu Jing Qi (1993) No.411 and Hu Zheng Ban (1993) No. 111. The Company was incorporated after the reorganization and restructure, initiated by the sole founder Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory. The Company’s original shareholder was Shanghai Dongfeng Machinery (Group) Company Ltd. (“Dongji Group”). Pursuant to the approval of related authority, the stated owned shares of the Company were transferred from Dongji Group to Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation (“SHE Group Corporation”) in 2003 upon the reorganization of SHE Group Corporation.
                  In 2004, pursuant to the related authority’s approval, the state-owned share of the Company was transferred from SHE Group Corporation to Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. (“SHE Group”) (on 27 October 2004, SHE Group Corporation was reorganized to be Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., “SE Group”). After the transaction, the stateowned shareholder of the Company changed to SHE Group. In December 2008, SHE Group transferred its 50.32% of the Company’s equity to SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (“SAIC”). After this transaction, SAIC became the controlling shareholder of the Company and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (“SAI Corporation”) became the ultimate controller of the Company.

                  7.Other information

                  The accounting firm appointed by the Company (domestic)
                  Name Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP
                  Office address Level 16, Ernst & Young Tower, Oriental Plaza, No.1 East Chang An Avenue,
                  Dong Cheng District, Beijing
                  Signing Accountants Yuan Yongmin, Li Bo
                  The sponsor fulfilling the continuous supervisory responsibilities during the Reporting Period
                  Name Dong Guan Securities Co., Ltd
                  Office address JinyuanCenter, No 1 South Ke Yuan Road, Dongguan City, Guangdong
                  Name of sponsor representatives Yao Genfa, PanYunsong
                  Period of continuous supervision From the effective date of the sponsorship agreement, through the remaining
                  period after the completion of non-public offering of shares, to the end of the
                  next complete financial year.

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